International Biosecurity and Prevention Forum


To prevent the misuse of biological agents as weapons of mass destruction by sharing, exercising, and implementing biosecurity and bioterrorism prevention and response best practices.

The International Biosecurity and Prevention Forum (IBPF) is where global prevention professionals come together to discuss best practices and lessons learned in combating biological threats. The IBPF employs a security- and threat-based perspective, making information relevant, accessible, and actionable for international partners. It enables diverse biosecurity and bioterrorism prevention organizations (e.g., law enforcement, public health, academic research, private industry, etc.) to collectively develop, exercise, and improve strategies to combat the unique nature of biological threats.

As a result of this member-driven, collaborative process, the IBPF Web Portal will offer validated biosecurity and bioterrorism prevention best practices, information, and resources to enhance knowledge and procedures for all prevention professionals.