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Disclaimers/Agreements Page

Membership Agreement: Acceptable Content

The IBPF website is a global resource for sharing biosecurity-related information. Any member submitted content on the website that is not related to global biosecurity may be removed by the IBPF Support Team. The IBPF Support Team also reserves the right to remove any member submitted content which is deemed to be inflammatory, derogatory, profane, and/or offensive.

Membership Agreement: Copyright

You will only upload, post, or provide to the IBPF website and staff in any format content that you have created or have the proper and necessary intellectual property rights to upload, post, or provide. Such uploaded, posted, or provided information is for the benefit and use of the IBPF community. You will refer to material that others have posted on the IBPF website by referencing it or linking to it, and not duplicating it. When using or referencing such information, give credit where appropriate. IBPF encourages relationship building and working collaboratively regarding member submitted content.

Membership Agreement: General Scope

This agreement covers your individual membership for the International Biosecurity and Prevention Forum (IBPF). This agreement also includes activities associated with IBPF that may include, but are not limited to, the following: conferences, meetings, trainings, and exercises.

Membership Agreement: Member Information

You will not collect information about other members of the IBPF for distribution of any kind outside IBPF without the written consent of the IBPF Support Team, including use of emails for unauthorized solicitation or "spamming."

Membership Agreement: Non-anonymity

Users who post content to the IBPF website will use their own names and will have associated member profiles describing themselves so that other members know with whom they are communicating. The member profiles will require a full name and valid email address along with other optional biographical information. This information will be visible to all IBPF members. The sharing of member profile information is done to facilitate further contact with regard to learning more about member submitted content.

Membership Agreement: Non-attribution

Some content on the IBPF website is posted by IBPF members. This includes, but is not limited to, forum posts, events, job listings, and instant messages. You will treat all such content as "off the record." Furthermore, a member’s comments will not be attributed or imputed to IBPF nor to any organization or institution with which that member may be affiliated. Additionally, you will not quote or attribute any comments and/or discussion with its author in any discussions outside the IBPF website without the consent of its originator.

Membership Agreement: Relevant Policies

When you access the IBPF website, you are bound by IBPF policies including this Membership Agreement, the IBPF Privacy Policy, and the IBPF Forum Rules. These documents are available in the Disclaimers and Agreements section of the IBPF website.

Membership Agreement: Termination

The IBPF Support Team reserves the right to terminate the membership of any individual who violates terms of the IBPF Membership Agreement or is otherwise deemed to be inappropriately using the IBPF website.