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Biosecurity in our backyard

Submitted by [email protected] on October 16, 2020 - 12:57 PM

Our webinars will run during the last week of each month and are being held in place of this year’s Environmental Biosecurity Roundtables. Each webinar will feature three keynote speakers and explore a particular theme relating to environmental biosecurity.

Each webinar will run for no more than one hour and be followed by a half-hour facilitated discussion for those who wish to dive deeper into the topic.

If you have a spare 60 or (even better) 90 minutes a month, we encourage you to join us for this engaging series! The Environmental Biosecurity Office will be running the department’s HaveYourSay engagement platform alongside the seminar series so that relevant information can be further shared and discussed online following the webinars. These links and information relating to each webinar will be shared via email with those who have registered in Eventbrite and will also be uploaded to the HaveYourSay page after each session.

New webinars added! Due to popular demand, two Phytophthora webinars have been added to the program. These will be on 13 October and 10 November and follow the same time and format of the other webinars. If you have registered for all webinars in the series on Eventbrite, you will receive a joining link to the new webinars. If you haven't registered for all webinars, please register to receive the joining link for the Phytophthora webinars.

24 November - Biosecurity in our backyard.

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Australia Department of Agriculture, Water, and the Environment

Event Date:

November 23, 2020, 8:00 - 9:00pm