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Chemical Equipment Outreach Group


The Chemical Equipment Outreach (CEO) Group is a multi-agency initiative to form partnerships with equipment manufacturers and resellers to protect the American people from the proliferation of chemical weapons (CW).  The CEO group is a working group consisting of manufacturers, distributors, resellers, and online-resellers who work together to address the emerging threat of a clandestine CW lab being created in the homeland or abroad.  They advise the FBI and relay their concerns regarding suspicious inquiries, purchases, and trends that may affect the national security of the United States. In turn, the FBI and its partners address those concerns in real-time, and ensures appropriate action is taken.

Any and all information exchanged/shared by the private-industry with the FBI is considered sensitive and confidential.  For questions regarding the CEO initiative, contact Supervisory Special Agent Mond Mugiya at 202-324-4526, email: [email protected].