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International Federation of Biosafety Associations


The International Federation of Biosafety Associations (IFBA) is
a non-governmental organization representing a global community of biosafety
professionals, laboratory personnel, NGOs, academics, policy makers and
other stakeholders who recognize that biological security is an important
element within the greater framework of strengthening global health
security. IFBA's membership includes 36 national and regional Biosafety
Associations representing virtually every geographic region of the world. Our
programs reach across the entire spectrum of biological threats including
both natural and deliberately-caused outbreaks of disease. We advocate
for biosecurity capacity by raising awareness, integrating biosecurity
within national policies, improving sustainable infrastructure,
and increasing competencies in biosecurity and biorisk management. 

The IFBA’s mission statement is “/safe, secure and responsible work with
biological materials/”. Our mission highlights the need to protect and
promote global health and security, and lays the foundation for the
implementation of strategies to minimize the serious dangers that can arise
from the failure to implement sound biosafety and biosecurity practices.