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United Nations Office for Disarmament Affairs


UNODA was established in January 1998 as the Department for Disarmament
Affairs which was part of the Secretary-General’s programme for reform in
accordance with his report to the General Assembly (A/51/950). It was
originally established in 1982 upon the recommendation of the General
Assembly's second special session on disarmament (SSOD II). In 1992, its name
was changed to Centre for Disarmament Affairs, under the Department of
Political Affairs. At the end of 1997, it was renamed Department for
Disarmament Affairs and in 2007, it became the United Nations Office for
Disarmament Affairs.

The UN Office for Disarmament Affairs (UNODA) works towards nuclear
disarmament and non-proliferation along with the strengthening of the
disarmament regimes in respect to other weapons of mass destruction, and
chemical and biological weapons. UNODA also promotes disarmament efforts in
the area of conventional weapons, especially action against the illicit trade
in small arms - weapons of choice in many contemporary conflicts.

UNODA provides objective, impartial and up-to-date information on
multilateral disarmament issues and activities to Member States, States
parties to multilateral agreements, intergovernmental organizations and
institutions, departments and agencies of the United Nations system, research
and educational institutions, civil society, especially non-governmental
organizations, the media and the general public.