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Federation of American Scientists (FAS)

FAS was founded in 1945 by many of the Manhattan Project scientists who
wanted to prevent nuclear war and is one of the longest serving organizations
in the world dedicated to reducing nuclear threats and informing the public
debate by providing technically-based research and…

Created February 13, 2015

Biodefense Program at George Mason University

The Biodefense Graduate Program in the Schar School of Policy and Government at George Mason University is a multi-disciplinary research and education program.The goal of the program is to educate the next generation of biodefense and biosecurity professionals and scholars by providing…

Created February 11, 2015

The James Martin Center for Nonproliferation Studies (CNS) strives to combat
the spread of weapons of mass destruction (WMD) by training the next
generation of nonproliferation specialists and disseminating timely
information and analysis. CNS at the Middlebury Institute of…

Created February 9, 2015

World Federation for Culture Collections

The WFCC is a Multidisciplinary Commission of the International Union of
Biological Sciences (IUBS) and a Federation within the International Union of
Microbiological Societies (IUMS). The WFCC is concerned with the collection,
authentication, maintenance and distribution of…

Created January 13, 2015


MITRE is a not-for-profit organization that operates federally funded research and development centers (FFRDCs) sponsored by the federal government. These FFRDCs assist the United States government with scientific research and analysis, development and acquisition, and systems engineering and…

Created November 25, 2014

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This is the IBPF Administrators Group. This field is validated with at least
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Created July 3, 2012

Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)

The FBI’s Weapons of Mass Destruction Directorate, or WMDD, builds a
cohesive and coordinated approach to incidents involving nuclear,
radiological, biological, or chemical weapons—with an overriding focus on

To do its job, the WMDD proactively seeks out and…

Created July 1, 2012