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Chemical Equipment Outreach Group

The Chemical Equipment Outreach (CEO) Group is a multi-agency initiative to form partnerships with equipment manufacturers and resellers to protect the American people from the proliferation of chemical weapons (CW).  The CEO group is a working group consisting of manufacturers, distributors, resellers, and online-resellers who work together to address the emerging threat of a clandestine CW lab being created in the homeland or abroad.  They advise the FBI and relay their concerns regarding suspicious inquiries, purchases, and trends that may affect the national security of the United... Read more Created: October 25, 2016

2016 Symposium on Export Control of Emerging Biotechnologies

The Symposium on Export Control of Emerging Biotechnologies is being held to develop  recommendations for improving export controls on emerging dual-use biotechnologies. Attendees will help identify relevant emerging biotechnologies and assess export control options for those found to be of greatest concern. Findings will be documented in a non-attributable report and delivered to organizations that develop and implement export control regulations at the national and international level.

The symposium is being held from October 18th through October 20th in Monterey, California at... Read more Created: October 12, 2016

Global Partnership: Chemical Security Sub-Working Group (CSSWG)

The G-7 Global Partnership Against the Spread of Weapons of Mass Destruction has the initiative to prevent terrorist and states from acquiring or developing weapons of mass destruction.  The Chemical Security Sub-Working Group (CSSWG) is focused on chemical aspects of the WMD threat.  The objectives of the CSSWG include the following: 

  • prevention, detection, and response to the acquisition and use of chemical weapons
  • enhance global chemical security and improve awareness, sharing, and coordination chemical security strategies
Created: October 07, 2016
Chemical Security Program (CSP)

CSP Mission -- Reduce Global Chemical Threats by: Strengthening the ability of partner governments to prevent, detect, and disrupt the misuse of chemicals; Securing weaponizable chemicals, expertise, and related infrastructure; Promoting international chemical security best practices. CSP Partners and Affiliates: Partner Governments; Chemical Industry; Professional Associations; Universities and Research Centers; International Organizations. CSP Goals -- Prevent, Detect, and Disrupt the Misuse of Chemicals: Build awareness among law enforcement entities about chemical threats and... Read more Created: October 06, 2016

Animal/Plant Health

Working group for those investigating unusual outbreaks of zoonotic, emerging, or Foreign Animal or plant diseases.

Created: October 04, 2016
Chemical Countermeasures Unit (CCU)

Chemical Countermeasures Unit (CCU) working group.

Created: October 04, 2016
Biological Countermeasures Unit (BCU)

Just like our partner units who also work in countermeasures dealing with chemicals, radiological and nuclear material, and infrastructure protection, our goal is to prevent acts of terrorism. In our case, that means bio-terrorism. But we must do that in a way that strikes a balance between security and supporting advances in scientific research and protecting public safety. Bio-security, from our standpoint, is preventing the illicit acquisition or misuse of the technologies, practices, and materials associated with biological sciences. We are also charged with protecting scientists and... Read more Created: August 15, 2016

Watermark Risk Management International

Watermark Risk Management International

Created: July 29, 2016
USCG, District 5 Intelligence

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Created: June 14, 2016
University of Nevada-Reno Center for Infectious Disease Forecasting


Dr. Wilson is a world-leading expert in operational biosurveillance and
infectious disease forecasting. He has led the creation of several of the
most powerful systems in the world used for anticipation and detection of
infectious disease crises and disasters. Dr. Wilson led the team that
provided warning of the 2009 H1N1 influenza pandemic and discovery of the
United Nations as the source of the 2010 cholera disaster in Haiti. Dr.
Wilson has direct experience with biological weapon deployment
investigations. He currently leads the first... Read more Created: June 06, 2016