What are IBPF roles and permissions?

The content of the IBPF web portal reflects the collaborative efforts of the members. Public users have access to public content only. Registered IBPF members can login to see members-only content. Specific roles and permissions can be granted to IBPF members to enable them to perform site management tasks such as submitting, reviewing, and/or approving content or accounts. The roles of IBPF web portal users and their related functional capabilities are shown below.

Can you inform me about the IBPF search features?

The IBPF site provides a basic keyword search for finding particular content. The search field is located in the top right corner of all pages. Entering a key word into the field and then hitting enter or clicking on the icon will initiate a search. The results page of all entries that contain that term will appear, generally with the most recent entry at the top of the list.

How does this role approval process work?

Responsibilities for managing IBPF membership accounts and member-supplied site content are divided into two separate sequences of events. Within each sequence, all membership requests and all content submittals must go through a two-step process to be approved first by someone within the requester's organization (POC) and then secondarily by a designee of the IBPF Leadership (Site). Members with these roles will receive an e-mail notification if there are requests pending their review.