Delete a dropbox group folder

1. Login

2. Click on “My Groups” in the blue taskbar

3. Click on the group containing the folder you want to delete

4. Click on Dropbox

5. On the left panel, click on the folder in the directory tree

6. On the right panel, select the subfolder that you want to delete in listing

7. Click the folder name at the top of the right panel to expose folder details, then click Delete

8. Click OK to confirm

Managing My Tasks

My Task Information
The "My Tasks" dashboard that allows you to review group content and group memberships. Group admins must follow the workflow steps to allow posting and group membership.
How do I approve content? 
You’ll need to be group admin to approve group content.
To approve content:


You can join IBPF by clicking the “Join Now” icon, in the top right corner of the page. You will then be prompted to fill in the required information. This will then be processed and you will receive a confirmation email where you can log into your account and verify your credentials. After you verify your credentials you can access to login.

Select Language

Go to the top right corner of your page and click “Select Language,” which will then present a dropdown. Choose your language preference.

Submit Content

Once logged into your account, locate the user blue taskbar and select “Submit Content.” Choose between having your content displayed for the public, or make it private so that only individuals within your groups can see the information. Fill out your information in Steps 1-3, then click "Submit." After submitting your content, it will be marked as "Needs Review" for the IBPF admins. An admin will review your content, and if it is approved, it will be published.

Get in contact with others

Once logged into your account, go to the top right corner of the page where you will see “Messages.” You will then see “Write a new message,” where you will fill in the person’s email, the subject of the message, and the message you would like to send them.