Remdesivir COVID-19 Trials Posts Encouraging Results

In a comparative analysis published late last week in Clinical Infectious Diseases, the antiviral drug remdesivir was linked to significantly greater recovery and a 62% lower death rate by day 14 versus standard treatment in hospitalized adults with severe COVID-19. Researchers used data from 298 participants in an ongoing phase 3 trial of remdesivir at 45 international sites, as well as retrospective data from an ongoing real-world longitudinal study of 816 patients given standard treatment at 16 international sites.

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Susan A Olender, Katherine K Perez, Alan S Go, Bindu Balani, Eboni G Price-Haywood, Nirav S Shah, MD, Su Wang, Theresa L Walunas, Shobha Swaminathan, Jihad Slim, BumSik Chin, Stéphane De Wit, Shamim M Ali, Alex Soriano Viladomiu, Philip Robinson

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Oxford Academic

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