Agricultural, Chemical, and Petroleum Industry Terrorism Handbook

"Agricultural, chemical, and petroleum manufacturing and distribution facilities throughout the United States present viable targets for terrorists who want to develop and use Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD). These manufacturing and distribution facilities contain various chemical, fertilizer, or petroleum products ideal for the production of a WMD. These facilities could be targeted to generate an industrial release or to purchase or steal chemical, fertilizer, and/or petroleum products for use in the development of a WMD.

Criminal Investigation Handbook for Agricultural Terrorism

"Recent events have shown that the United States is not impervious to acts of terrorism intended to inflict death, injury, and destruction of assets within our borders. Current information indicates that, regardless of location, American infrastructures and citizens will continue to be targets of terrorist activities. Terrorists have demonstrated their willingness to employ asymmetrical warfare to achieve their goals. Agroterrorism represents one such class of nontraditional warfare.

Animal-Plant Health Sector Defense: Awareness and Outreach

"Acts of agricultural terrorism, critical technology theft , espionage, the loss of domestic production autonomy, and international export market competitiveness have severe consequences for (1) the economic security of the agricultural community, (2) the technological research and development sector, (3) the perception of food safety and food security, and (4) the economic stability and national security of the United States."

From Animal-Plant Health Sector Defense: Awareness and Outreach


Animal/Plant Health Joint Criminal-Epidemiological Investigations

"The Problem: An intentional release of an animal or plant pathogen/toxin may be difficult to discern from a natural or accidental outbreak.

The Solution: Joint criminal & epidemiological investigations allow animal/plant experts & law enforcement to utilize each other's strengths & resources."

From Animal/Plant Health Joint Criminal-Epidemiological Investigations

Agricultural Espionage Brochure 2015

"FBI investigations indicate economic espionage and trade secret theft against US agricultural and biotechnology companies and institutes is on the rise. Over the past two years, foreign actors have targeted and collected against US companies, universities and government research facilities for agricultural information concerning plant genome, new variety development, breeding programs and advanced manufacturing processes.