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Health Sector Resilience Checklist for High-Consequence Infectious Diseases—Informed by the Domestic US Ebola Response


This report offers recommendations for improving preparedness and response based on lessons learned from Ebola cases in US cities.

Tags: Ebola, Ebola best practice, Ebola preparedness, Resource

Bad Bug Book (Second Edition)


This resource provides current information about the major known agents that cause foodborne illness.

Tags: food biosafety, food-borne illness, Resource

Pandemic Influenza Plan 2017 Update


This document highlights both the progress and gaps in pandemic influenza preparedness and response capabilities. The plan updates the 2005 US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) Pandemic Influenza Plan and its interim updates.

Tags: pandemic influenza, pandemic preparedness, pandemic response, Resource

Global Vector Control Response 2017–2030


The Global Vector Control Response 2017–2030 offers guidance for strengthening of vector control as a fundamental approach to preventing disease and responding to outbreaks.

Tags: mosquito control, mosquito-borne disease, Resource, vector control, vector-borne disease

Overview of Potential Agents of Biological Terrorism


This resource offers a broad overview of bioterrorism and bioterror pathogens.

Tags: biological weapons, bioterrorism, bioweapons, Resource, training

Biowarfare, Bioterrorism, and Animal Diseases as Bioweapons


This chapter from Disease Emergence and Resurgence: The Wildlife–Human Connection addresses animal diseases with bioterror potential.

Tags: agriculture bioterrorism, bioterrorism, bioweapon pathogen, Resource

A Brief History of Biological Weapons


This document offers a broad overview of pathogens that have bioweapon potential.

Tags: biological weapons, bioweapon pathogen, bioweapons, Resource

Biological Weapons and Bioterrorism: The History, the Danger, and What American Science is


This presentation offers a broad overview of biological weapons and policy related to same.

Tags: biological weapons, biological weapons policy, bioweapons, Resource

Demystifying Medicine - Agents of Potential Bioterrorism: Small Pox and Anthrax


This video discusses infectious agents that could be used for bioterrorism.

Tags: anthrax, bioweapon pathogen, bioweapons, Resource, smallpox, training

Demystifying Medicine 2015 - Dengue: Breakbone Fever: a Major Unpublicized Killer Disease


This video gives an overview of Dengue and the related public health challenges.

Tags: dengue countermeasure, dengue epidemiology, Resource, training

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