Confronting the threat of bioterrorism: realities, challenges, and defensive strategies

The local and international response to infectious disease epidemics, such as the severe acute respiratory syndrome and west African Ebola virus epidemic, revealed serious shortcomings which bioterrorists might exploit when intentionally initiating an epidemic.

ASF Combat

This tool enables pig producers to evaluate areas for biosecurity improvement on their farms by completing a short questionnaire based on African swine fever (ASF) virus scientific literature and practical experience, intended to help reducing the ASF introduction risk level.

Joint European Pandemic Preparedness Self-Assessment Indicators

This document contains 20 goals for pandemic influenza preparedness planning, in the areas of seasonal influenza, pandemic influenza and avian influenza. Each goal is assigned a ‘key indicator’, i.e. an activity or output which, if achieved, means that good progress is probably being made towards achievement of the ultimate goal.