Gene edits to ‘CRISPR babies’ might have shortened their life expectancy

Twin girls whose genomes were editied to make them resistant to HIV might have a shortened life expectancy as people with two disabled copies of the CCR5 gene — which protects against HIV infection — are 21 percent more likely to die before the age of 76 when compared to people with at least one working copy of the gene.

Principles & Practices of Biosafety

Principles & Practices of Biosafety will introduce the essential elements of biosafety and provide extensive resource lists for use after the course. Interactive exercises will be used throughout to provide hands-on experience and to encourage networking and problem-solving among participants and instructors. 

A Guide to Training and Information Resources on the Culture of Biosafety, Biosecurity, and Responsible Conduct in the Life Sciences

If you are interested in finding out more about the culture of biosafety, biosecurity, and responsible conduct, this guide is for you. A U.S. interagency Working Group was established in 2015 to implement the recommendation of the Federal Experts Security Advisory Panel to "create and strengthen a culture that emphasizes biosafety, laboratory biosecurity, and responsible conduct in the life sciences...