As African Swine Fever Continues Its March Across Asia, U.S. Pork Industry Preps For An Emergency

African swine fever virus first infected hogs in China in August 2018 and since then, it has spread across China and neighboring countries prompting the U.S. Department of Agriculture and 14 participating states to want to test their readiness.

Are we doing enough about biosecurity? Looking to tech and one another for how to protect human health and prosperity in the bioeconomy

Biosecurity issues in synthetic biology have many stakeholders with different perspectives, including the biotechnology industry, academics, government officials. and members of the public. 

2020 ASM Biothreats

ASM Biothreats offers professionals in biodefense, biosecurity and biological threats the opportunity to exchange knowledge and ideas that will shape the future of this emerging field. ASM Biothreats offers a unique program that explores the latest developments and emerging technologies in the industry.

AFWA Technical Report on Best Management Practices for Prevention, Surveillance, and Management of Chronic Wasting Disease

This report is intended for United States and Canadian state, federal, provincial, and territorial fish and wildlife agencies personnel who make management and policy decisions for wildlife populations. It provides an account of current tools and recommendations available to craft and implement management practices to help in the fight against chronic wqasting disease (CWD) on a state or provincial scale.