Man fined $20,000 for taking dangerous pathogens on commercial flight

The Canadian Border Services Agency (CBSA) intercepted Gang Li’s flight and found he was transporting seven undeclared test tubes of an unknown substance in his checked baggage. Laboratory testing confirmed the items included the following viruses: Peste des Petits Ruminants, Newcastle disease, Duck Adenovirus 1, and Parainfluenza Virus 5.

Doubling Our DNA Building Blocks Could Lead to New Life Forms

Researchers unveiled the latest feat in artificial DNA engineering: an eight-letter synthetic system called “hachimoji” DNA. The system is made up of four natural nucleotides and four synthetic ones that all fit seamlessly into DNA’s helical structure, maintaining its natural shape. These sequences spelled with these new letters pair predictably and can evolve just like natural DNA.

Scientists Release Controversial Genetically Modified Mosquitoes in High-Security Lab

Scientists have launched a major new phase in the testing of a controversial genetically modified organism: a mosquito designed to quickly spread a genetic mutation lethal to its own species. Researchers have begun large-scale releases of the engineered insects, into a high-security laboratory in Terni, Italy.