The Hope and Challenge of Synthetic Biology

Mankind’s newfound ability to edit germline codes will soon be widely available. We will also be able to extend the palette of naturally available amino acids for molecular assembly. The US needs a policy framework that defines and addresses the five key decisions that will determine whether we can leverage the benefits and simultaneously defend against attacks.

Understanding African swine fever spread and emergency control concepts in wild boar populations using individual‐based modelling and spatio‐temporal surveillance data

The comparative assessment revealed that in the focal scenario the increasing removal of carcasses will provide the greatest return on investment (given carcasses being involved in the transmission).

One in 10 countries have adequate protection against a 'catastrophic' biological event

Fewer than one-in-10 countries have met global standards for securing high-consequence pathogens, increasing risks of an accidental disease outbreak or bioterrorism, a campaign group has warned. Just 19 countries completing a United Nations safety check have built or shown strong biosecurity safeguards.