Scientists are Unraveling the Chinese Coronavirus with Unprecedented Speed and Openness

After ten days, international scientists are collaborating to share data including the genetic sequence of the coronavirus in race to learn more about the virus.  This effort will assist with development treatment and potentially to identify a cure or vaccine.  The speed at which this collaborating is happening is brand new and made possible by technology. 

Are we doing enough about biosecurity? Looking to tech and one another for how to protect human health and prosperity in the bioeconomy

Biosecurity issues in synthetic biology have many stakeholders with different perspectives, including the biotechnology industry, academics, government officials. and members of the public. 

SynBioBeta 2019

SynBioBeta is the premier innovation network for biological engineers, investors, innovators and entrepreneurs who share a passion for using biology to build a better, more sustainable universe. We provide our community members with personal and professional development support, as well as valuable opportunities for partnership, collaboration, networking, and education.

2019 International Conference on Biotechnology and Bioengineering (9th ICBB 2019)

ICBB2019 aims to provide an innovative and comprehensive overview of biotechnology and bioengineering, a focus will be given to major research advances including: 1. Microbiology, virology, cytology and immunology; 2. Biological macromolecules, proteins and nucleic acids; 3. Biomaterials, biopolymers and bioenergy; 4. Biomedicine, biopharmaceuticals, pharmacology and toxicology; 5. Agricultural & food science and industrial biotechnology; 6. Applications in bioengineering, biomedical engineering & technology and other related fields.