A pivotal test of malaria vaccine is set to begin. Can it live up to its promise?

Over the next four years, the experiences of these countries will help the WHO determine if RTS,S can be effectively used, and whether it will deliver the nearly 40 percent decrease in malaria infections seen in an earlier Phase 3 clinical trial.To see whether a new malaria vaccine, RTS, is effective, the World Health Organization (WHO) and partners have devised a limited rollout of the vaccine in Malawi followed by Ghana and Kenya.

Single dose of DPX-rPA, an enhanced-delivery anthrax vaccine formulation, protects against a lethal Bacillus anthracis spore inhalation challenge

The current study investigated the immunogenicity and protective response of rPA antigen formulated with the DPXTM no-release delivery platform (DPX-rPA). This unique formulation promotes a depot effect that attracts antigen-presenting cells to the vaccination site and elicits an immune response following single-dose delivery.

World reference laboratory for foot-and-mouth disease celebrates 60th Anniversary

Pirbright was designated as the world reference laboratory for foot-and-mouth disease (WRLFMD) by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) in 1958. Over the past 60 years, the WRLFMD has played a leading role in coordinating international networks that improve laboratory diagnostic capacity and undertake global surveillance for FMD.