Recommended Infrastructure Standards for Mass Antibiotic Dispensing

This document presents a set of recommended standards for mass antibiotic dispensing that focus on the “points of dispensing” (or PODs, locations where the members of the public would go to receive life-saving antibiotics or other medical countermeasures during a large-scale public health emergency). Specifically, the standards address (1) the number and location of PODs, (2) internal POD operations, (3) POD staffing, and (4) POD security.

Dispense Assist

Per a directive from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) large metropolitan regions have been tasked with delivering medication to the public within 48 hours after notification of a biological emergency event. Dispense Assist supports public health agencies with accomplishing this mission by providing an online screening tool that allows users to generate vouchers for medication.

Extended Medical Countermeasure Distribution and Dispensing Considerations for Anthrax Incidents

This document outlines key topics, relevant resources, and current promising practices state and local medical countermeasure (MCM) planners should consider when creating and implementing plans to transition emergency mass dispensing operations from the initial 10-day antibiotic distribution and dispensing effort to distributing and dispensing extended post-exposure prophylactic MCMs.

Vanuatu baby treated in world's first commercial drone-delivered vaccine

A one-month-old baby in Vanuatu has become the first person in the world to be immunized using vaccines delivered by a commercial drone. The drone flew for 25 minutes across 24 miles of mountainous terrain to get to the Cook's Bay area on the island of Erromango, which would otherwise have taken hours to reach on foot or by boat.

Pandemic Influenza Vaccine Targeting Checklist

To assist state and local health departments in planning for targeting vaccine during an influenza pandemic, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) developed the following checklist. The items in the checklist include specific activities public health emergency planners and immunization programs can do to prepare for targeted pandemic influenza vaccination.

Interim Updated Planning Guidance on Allocating and Targeting Pandemic Influenza Vaccine during an Influenza Pandemic

Federal, state, tribal, and local governments, communities, and the private sector have asked for updated planning guidance on who should receive vaccination early in a pandemic.  This document uses pandemic severity categories based on the current US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Pandemic Severity Assessment Framework.