A global model for predicting the arrival of imported dengue infections

To mitigate the risk of outbreaks from importation of dengue into non-endemic regions it is critical to predict the arrival time and location of infected individuals. Researchers modelled the number of dengue infections arriving each month at any given airport, which enabled us to estimate the number of infections that are imported into different countries and states each month.

Across several continents, infecting mosquitoes with bacteria results in dramatic drops in dengue illness, trials show

Indonesia saw a 76% drop in dengue infections in the part of Indonesia where the mosquitoes were released. In Brazil, treated neighborhoods in Rio de Janeiro saw rates of dengue infections fall by 70%, and infections with chikungunya was 75% lower. North Queensland, Australia, hasn’t had a dengue in five years, and there has been a 96% reduction in locally acquired dengue infections.