Genetic sleuthing reveals rapid evolution of MDR Klebsiella outbreak

Scientists were able to determine that the strain that had sickened the patient had been in circulation in the hospital for at least a year prior to the patient's death, spreading between patients and throughout the wards of the hospital. It even traveled among the three campuses of the hospital, which were miles apart. The analysis also found that the isolates of the highly drug-resistant outbreak strain were carrying multiple antibiotic resistance genes and plasmids.

Thirty-nine percent of HCWs make doffing errors, increasing risk for MDRO contamination

A prospective, observational study found that 39% of health care workers caring for patients on contact precautions for multidrug-resistant organisms (MDROs0 made multiple errors when doffing personal protective equipment (PPE), and that more than one-third were contaminated with an MDRO.

Emergence of Extensively Drug-Resistant Salmonella Typhi Infections Among Travelers to or from Pakistan — United States, 2016–2018

A large typhoid fever outbreak in Pakistan has resulted in 5,372 XDR Typhi cases reported during 2016–2018, and five travel-related cases in the United States.

Typhoid fever – Islamic Republic of Pakistan: Disease outbreak news - 27 December 2018

Pakistan Health Authorities have reported an ongoing outbreak of extensively drug resistant typhoid fever that began in the Hyderabad district of Sindh province in November 2016. An increasing trend of typhoid fever cases caused by antimicrobial resistant strains of Salmonella enterica serovar Typhi (or S. Typhi) poses a notable public health concern.