Tools for the Identification, Assessment, Management, and Responsible Communication of Dual Use Research of Concern: A Companion Guide to the United States Government Policies for Oversight of Life Sciences Dual Use Research of Concern

This Companion Guide comprises a set of tools designed for institutions, principal investigators (PIs), and institutional review entities (IREs) implementing the Policy for Institutional DURC Oversight. Such guidance may also be applied more broadly to research that is not within the scope of these policies but that may warrant review for dual use potential and special oversight.

Enhancing Responsible Science – Considerations for the Development and Dissemination of Codes of Conduct for Dual Use Research

This report was undertaken in response to the United States Government’s request for advice on the development, utilization, and promotion of codes of conduct for dual use research to life scientists and relevant professional groups.

A Framework for Guiding US Department of Health and Human Services Funding Decisions about Research Proposals with the Potential for Generating Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza [HPAI] H5N1 Viruses that are Transmissible among Mammals by Respiratory Dropl

US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) developed a framework for guiding HHS funding decisions on individual proposals involving HPAI/H5N1 research with specific attributes.

United States Government Policy for Oversight of Life Sciences Dual Use Research of Concern [DURC] (2012)

Policy establishes regular review of US Government funded or conducted research with high-consequence pathogens and toxins for its potential to be dual use research of concern (DURC) in order to mitigate risks and collect the information needed to inform the development of an updated oversight policy.