Ebola Again: Preparedness Is Still Underfinanced, but New Opportunities Are in Play

The Global Health Security Agenda’s Joint External Evaluation (JEE) is used as an evaluation tool to help countries assess their preparedness capacity for pandemics. Of the 27 countries with completed JEEs, only two have used the results generated to develop costed plans.

As Ebola flares once again, a rapid global response invites cautious hope

In the week since the Democratic Republic of the Congo declared a new Ebola outbreak, health officials have set in motion a plan to distribute an experimental vaccine, logistics experts have established an airbridge to ferry responders and equipment into the epicenter, and the director-general of the World Health Organization (WHO) has arrived to take stock.

WHO officials fear latest Ebola outbreak in Congo could spread to big cities

The current outbreak is in a remote area, but one of the towns where cases may be occurring is a port that connects to the Congo and Ubangi rivers, opening up the possibility of infected individuals traveling by boat to the densely populated capital cities of the Democratic Republic Congo, the Republic of the Congo, and the Central African Republic.