2017 Outbreak of Ebola Virus Disease in Northern Democratic Republic of Congo

Researchers report the clinical and epidemiological information related to the 2017 EBOV outbreak in the DRC, as well as the characterization of the causative agent, a novel Ebolavirus variant from the Zaire ebolavirus species, denoted Ebola virus/H.sapiens-wt/COD/2017/Muyembe.1.

Institutional trust and misinformation in the response to the 2018–19 Ebola outbreak in North Kivu, DR Congo: a population-based survey

The findings underscore the practical implications of mistrust and misinformation for outbreak control. These factors are associated with low compliance with messages of social and behavioural change and refusal to seek formal medical care or accept vaccines, which in turn increases the risk of spread of Ebola virus disease..