Primary Response Incident Scene Management (PRISM): Volume 3: Operational Guidance for Mass Casualty Disrobe and Decontamination

The salient features of mass patient disrobe and decontamination are presented in Volume 3, which aims to provide all Federal, State, Tribal and local first responders with a simple, readily accessible guide to critical aspects of the incident response processes.

2019 Preparedness Summit

The event is a unique learning and networking opportunity for emergency preparedness officials and their partners to share perspectives and engage in dialogue on key public health preparedness issues.

Best Practices for Protecting EMS Responders duringTreatment and Transport of Victims of Hazardous Substance Releases

This guide is intended for employers of EMS responders and discusses the measures these employers need to take to protect their EMS responders from becoming additional victims while on the front line of medical response.