Emergency Medical Services Personnel’s Pandemic Influenza Training Received and Willingness to Work During a Future Pandemic

Emergency medical services personnel report lacking training or disaster exercises related to influenza pandemics, and a fair percentage are unwilling to work during a future event. 

Global Healtth Security Index

The report summarizes the results of the first Global Healtth Security Index, including findings about the state of national health security capacity across each of the six GHS Index categories, as well as additional findings specific to functional areas of epidemic and pandemic preparedness. 

New HHS-Sponsored Research Provides New Tool and Updated Guidance on Mass Chemical Decontamination

This second edition of the guidance, called Primary Response Incident Scene Management (PRISM), incorporates new scientific evidence exit disclaimer icon on emergency self-decontamination, hair decontamination, the interactions of chemicals with hair, and the effects of a combined decontamination strategy referred to as the “triple protocol.”