African Swine Fever In China: Epizootic or An EpicZootic?

While the full size and scope of China's African swine fever (ASF) epizootic remains frustratingly undefined - and the long-term impacts are largely unknowable - the uncontrolled spread of ASF across Asia could have serious impacts that extend far beyond economic losses for pork producers and a switch to alternative proteins for consumers.

Middle East Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus Infection Dynamics and Antibody Responses among Clinically Diverse Patients, Saudi Arabia

Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus (MERS-CoV) shedding and antibody responses are not fully understood, particularly in relation to underlying medical conditions, clinical manifestations, and mortality.

Infections among Contacts of Patients with Nipah Virus, India

Researchers conducted a serosurvey of 155 healthcare workers and 124 household and community members who had close contact with 18 patients who had laboratory-confirmed Nipah virus infections in Kerala, India. They detected three subclinical infections; two persons had IgM and IgG and 1 only IgM against Nipah virus.

Early transmission and case fatality of Ebola virus at the index site of the 2013–16 west African Ebola outbreak: a cross-sectional seroprevalence survey

This study provides the first evidence of Ebola virus-infected survivors from the index site of the west African outbreak. A thorough retrospective epidemiological study done concomitantly among the resident adult population expands understanding of the initiating events including transmission dynamics, probable transmission chains, lower case fatality rates, and the presence of both mild and asymptomatic cases.