CRISPR meeting 2018

CRISPR 2018 is a continuation of the highly successful meetings previously held in Berkeley (2008-2012), Wageningen (2010), St Andrews (2013), Berlin (2014), New York (2015), Rehovot (2016), and Big Sky (2017). Traditionally these annual meetings, involving fundamental researchers, applied scientists, and industry representatives, have been critical to the progress of the exciting CRISPR-Cas field.

Dynamic DNA Structures in Biology

The 2018 conference will be the fifth meeting on Dynamic DNA Structures in Biology, a highly interactive meeting that brings together a diverse, international community of researchers who maintain a “DNA-centric” view of basic biological processes. Attendees will include those interested in disease-causing repeat expansions, chromosome fragility and rearrangements related to transcription and replication, genome editing and mutational processes, and the biological roles of unusual, non-B DNA structures.