Step Care for Ebola/Viral Hemorrhagic Fever Patients: Guidance for International Field Hospitals

This document is intended to help organizations who want to provide care for Ebola virus disease/viral hemorrhagic fever patients determine an appropriate level of medical care that they can provide and anticipate the supplies that may be needed.

Ebola Preparedness Protocols

The Emory Healthcare Ebola website includes the policies, procedures, and tools developed by Emory Healthcare to enable their physicians and staff to deal safely and effectively with various risk categories of patients who could be or are infected with Ebola virus.

Infection Prevention and Control Recommendations for Hospitalized Patients Under Investigation (PUIs) for Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) in U.S. Hospitals

This guidance is for healthcare professionals regarding standard, contact, and droplet precautions when caring for a patient with suspected or confirmed Ebola virus disease.

Patient Decontamination in a Mass Chemical Exposure Incident: National Planning Guidance for Communities

This guidance is directed primarily at local organizations. The subject matter considered here is limited to external contamination of living people with toxic industrial chemicals, toxic industrial materials, or chemical warfare agents in a mass casualty incident resulting from an accidental or intentional release. This guidance attempts to address the full spectrum of the decontamination response operation, from initial assessment and decision making through evaluation of decontamination effectiveness.

Best Practices for Protecting EMS Responders duringTreatment and Transport of Victims of Hazardous Substance Releases

This guide is intended for employers of EMS responders and discusses the measures these employers need to take to protect their EMS responders from becoming additional victims while on the front line of medical response.