Handbook of Applied Biosecurity for Life Science Laboratories, Farsi translation

This handbook focuses on the laboratory related activities and basic components of applied biosecurity that are relevant to all laboratory employees. The role played by laboratory managers and principal investigators in safeguarding laboratory assets and the employees under their supervision is also highlighted. This handbook provides guidance for personnel who work with infectious pathogens and toxins.

Polio Is Nearly Wiped Out—Unless Some Lab Tech Screws Up

You can't just look at infection numbers and declare victory. You also need to ensure the virus exists only in dedicated labs with obsessively strict safety protocols and purge it from every other scientific and medical facility that might, maybe, harbor particles of the deadly infection. Such labs are numerous.

Machines whisper our secrets

When it comes to biosecurity, this could be a very real threat, according to a group of researchers at the University of California, Irvine, and the University of California, Riverside. By simply recording the sounds of a common lab instrument, the team members could reconstruct what a researcher was doing with that instrument.

Global Health Center at Georgetown announces new program focused on biosafety, biosecurity

The program is committed to conducting research to identify best practices for prevention of infectious disease exposures and spread; promoting safe work practices, biosafety, and biosecurity in research and clinical laboratories worldwide through training and education; and strengthening global health security networks and leadership.