World's Fastest Supercomputer Identifies Small Molecules Which Bind To SARS-CoV-2 (Coronavirus) Potentially Disrupt Host Virus Interaction

Researchers at Oak Ridge National Laboratory using the world's fastest supercomputer Summit, identified 77 drug compounds that might stop the virus from infecting host cells.  

Coronavirus Outbreak Update

This information is current as of 19 March 2020 at 0900 hrs EDT.  Currently, approximately 219,000 cases of coronavirus reported worldwide,  There are approximately  8,900 deaths from COVID 19.  Over 20,000 cases were reported in the past 24 hours - a record high in daily new cases and over 5,000 more than China reported during the peak of the virus in Wuhan.


Preparedness is Essential for Malaria-Endemic Regions During the COVID-19 Pandemic

As of March 12, 2020, malaria-endemic regions in Africa have reported a few imported COVID-19 cases including in Nigeria, Senegal, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Africa needs to be prepared to deal with COVID-19, given the infectious potential of the disease and its capacity to undermine malaria control efforts.  There are lessons that can be learned from the 2014-2016 Ebola Outreak which undermined malaria control efforts in Africa. These lessons can be applied to the COVID -19 Outbreak.  


Coronavirus Outbreak Update

This information is current as of 3/18/20 at 0900 hrs EDT.  A once in a generation pandemic is testing the world's population.  The pandemic has infected about 200,000 people and resulted in approximately 8,500 deaths in 164 nations. The global response triggered measures not seen since World War Two.