The bigger the evolutionary jump, the more lethal cross-species diseases could be

A disease jumping from a buffalo to a cow is making a short evolutionary jump, and is less likely to be fatal. A disease jumping from a buffalo to a cat involves a larger evolutionary jump and a higher chance of death. Luckily, this lethality may cause the disease to spread poorly amongst its new hosts.

Polio Is Nearly Wiped Out—Unless Some Lab Tech Screws Up

You can't just look at infection numbers and declare victory. You also need to ensure the virus exists only in dedicated labs with obsessively strict safety protocols and purge it from every other scientific and medical facility that might, maybe, harbor particles of the deadly infection. Such labs are numerous.

Man fined $20,000 for taking dangerous pathogens on commercial flight

The Canadian Border Services Agency (CBSA) intercepted Gang Li’s flight and found he was transporting seven undeclared test tubes of an unknown substance in his checked baggage. Laboratory testing confirmed the items included the following viruses: Peste des Petits Ruminants, Newcastle disease, Duck Adenovirus 1, and Parainfluenza Virus 5.

Special Pathogens of Concern

.This course facilitates learners to describe pathogen-related factors that may warrant treatment in a biocontainment unit and to distinguish between concepts of infectious, communicable, and hazardous as they relate to Ebola and other special pathogens of concern. Participants will also be able to describe the clinical presentation of selected special pathogens from the two broad categories: viral hemorrhagic fevers and the highly pathogenic respiratory viruses.