Chicken-killing Newcastle disease spurs strict guidelines for public employees

California state Veterinarian Annette Jones issued a directive to state, county, and city workers to avoid poultry areas in an effort reduce spread exotic Newcastle disease. The guidelines also provide biosecurity procedural guidance when entering poultry premises is unavoidable.

US Department of Agriculture Launches New Biosecurity Campaign Asking All Poultry Owners, Workers and Hobbyists to Protect the Health of Live Poultry

The “Defend the Flock” campaign to promote biosecurity combines and updates two previous campaigns that were each targeted at a specific segment of the poultry population.

Egypt puts into effect law banning live poultry trade: Ministry

The law bans the slaughtering of poultry outside unlicensed slaughterhouses. It stipulates that live poultry should be transported directly to licensed slaughterhouses after traders acquire special authorization following veterinary inspection, before the refrigerated or frozen food products are offered at shops.