Recommended Infrastructure Standards for Mass Antibiotic Dispensing

This document presents a set of recommended standards for mass antibiotic dispensing that focus on the “points of dispensing” (or PODs, locations where the members of the public would go to receive life-saving antibiotics or other medical countermeasures during a large-scale public health emergency). Specifically, the standards address (1) the number and location of PODs, (2) internal POD operations, (3) POD staffing, and (4) POD security.

Polio infrastructure remains crucial for mounting initial response to disease outbreaks in Nigeria

In North Eastern Nigeria, despite the high level of insurgency, which has affected many public health facilities, the polio infrastructure is being utilized to monitor and curb cholera in five states namely, Adamawa, Bauchi, Borno, Gombe and Yobe with encouraging results.

From Concept to Operations: Building Disaster Health Resilience in one of America’s Largest Communities

The Los Angeles County Community Disaster ResilienceExit Icon (LACCDR) project, developed by the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health focused on coalition building, community education, and community resilience activities.