2019 CBRN Defense Conference & Exhibition

Collaborating with industry to highlight a one-team concept is a top priority for the Department of Defense. The Pentagon is committed to accelerating and adapting the traditional acquisition process to improve readiness and modernize the Joint Force. As the DOD modernizes the force, we are modernizing this conference. Anticipate in-depth discussions on the evolving threat, needed future capabilities, acquisition reform, and the future of Warfighter training. 

Wicomico bird flu scare shows gap in poultry response plan

The poultry sample from a sick flock in Willards, MD, was moments away from passing cleanly through a routine bird flu test in December.Then the data showed the presence of avian influenza. The result was in a category termed "non-negative" or "inconclusive." The case demonstrated a gap in bird flu response plans when it came to results that weren't conclusively positive or negative. 

Japan drafts guidelines for alerting public about Ebola patients' travel routes in case of outbreak

Japan’s Health Ministry has compiled draft guidelines on the release of information about Ebola patients, including the routes they took in or outside the country, in the event the first domestic outbreak. The ministry also drew up a basic policy on the release of information related to potential first-time outbreaks of other serious infectious diseases.

Laboratory management of Crimean-Congo hemorrhagic fever virus infections: perspectives from two European networks

Researchers amalgamated the expertise of two European Union expert networks:  EMERGE (Efficient response to highly dangerous and emerging pathogens at EU level) and EVD-LabNet (Emerging Viral Diseases Laboratory Network), in order to select and analyze the relevant and some of controversial aspects of Crimean-Congo hemorrhagic fever (CCHF) disease diagnostics with implications for laboratory management of human CCHF cases and any exposed contacts.